Are you familiar with the expressions fab lab, makerspace or future classroom lab? Like those spaces, the Aula nova has been conceived as a welcoming, flexible place to work in groups. The methodology is oriented towards enhancing learning, developing creativity and innovation and fostering student autonomy.


A space to showcase your work. There are wheeled chairs with integrated desks which can be moved around so that everyone can face each other, a presentation desk with a small adjustable standing desk, a lectern with a microphone, an interactive blackboard where you can write with regular chalk, felt-tip pens or an electronic pen, and a recording booth.

complete challenges

This area is equipped with adjustable furniture and divided into different spaces. Here you will have the chance to try out different ways of organizing the space to foster interaction with different resources: tables with individual boards which also serve to divide up the space, a comfortable booth with sofas and a screen or interchange diamond desks with a power bank to charge mobile devices.

implement your idea

Here you can work individually, focusing on creativity and in communicative skills to create videos, do graphic design or experiment with visual thinking. You have a green screen, two HD graphic tablets and video and photo editing software (Adobe CC).


A workspace with varied resources and tools related to mechanics and electronics to investigate and learn in an informal way, sketching, testing and creating a product to propose a solution to a problem or need.


Furnished with two working tables and chairs, this area is fit to work collaboratively developing projects and creating small objects using the resources available (Arduino module, 3D-printed parts and robotics among others).

What are its key frameworks?

Constructionism and constructivism

A theory of learning based on experience and observation, blocks that individuals use to construct their knowledge and understanding of the world.


Makerspace is a constructivist and constructionist movement that acts as an incentive for inquiry and creation using the materials and resources available or creating our own.

Design thinking

An opportunity to evidence creativity, application and problem solving as well as develop abilities geared towards innovation.

Media literacy

The redefinition of literacy implies the creation of opportunities and providing strategies for improving access, use and critical assessment of the means in our information society.


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